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Thread: ARTS: Zen photography

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    Jishin, I am a convert, as Jundo pointed toward THE BUDDHA Tatagatha, ordinary man turned or yet extraordinary, these being my kulpas of one dust, as does another, in all equal, man, woman, neither, both one for the other we are, we are that particle of dust invisible disable, and placed back together in fine undertaking of Precepts six, seven, eight we have less anger today. This will be my natural death, my equality.
    Deep Bows
    sat/ lah
    Tai Shi
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    Peaceful Poetry, Tai Shi. Ubasoku; calm, supportive, 台 婆

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    My first post, and thanks for a thread right up my street.
    Buddleias can grow in all sorts of urban places- they were the first plants to grow in bombsites after the Blitz, and they attract butterflies into the urban landscape. Londoners voted for it as the plant that best symbolises our resilient city. Here a buddleia is growing behind and reflected on construction site hoarding on a glorious day as building and growth continues in our city.
    Sat today
    Growth Mindset C.jpg

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    New alter in upstairs office room, less space, happy no falls.
    sat/ lah

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    Peaceful Poetry, Tai Shi. Ubasoku; calm, supportive, 台 婆

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