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    Hello there,
    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but have a problem getting images to open here. I size in Adobe but no matter how much I decrease the size
    it always says the file is too large. I will try to get some tuition from my son !



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    We have a 15 acre patch of woods on which the previous owners planted many wonderful surprises in random places. We kind of let it roam and ramble for the most part, so it rarely looks manicured. But I know where I can find a patch of lily of the valley, a trillium, some wild herbs. I will post a few pics of what is coming up right now.

    A patch of oregano

    A grapevine budding near a flowering blueberry bush

    Some asparagus finding its way through the grass


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooperix View Post
    Thank you Jundo for taking us into your garden!
    I want to say again that I cannot take much credit for the garden, although I do generally trim the bushes (such as the ones in this picture). I also tend the big rocks, like the one shown ... which is easy, as big rocks are SUPER low maintenance.

    The actual credit goes to the Japanese gardeners who come a few days a year, and happened to be here today ... including this woman, Mrs. Ikeda (somewhere in the anti sun, virus and hornet clothes ... you know about our Japanese killer hornets!) who does all the fine pruning. She and her team should get the credit.

    delt weed blade 1.jpg

    What I do very well is swing this Japanese weed cutter (刈払機) in our back field, which is basically a naked saw blade on the end of a gas driven motor. It is kind of a weed slaughter, although I do bow and apologize to all the disturbed plants, worms and moles who might have been in the way. I can only imagine that the moles head deep underground at the loud sound the thing makes. Yes, perhaps it does not exhibit the delicacy of the work in the front garden, but it does take some artistry not to lose a foot.

    delt weed blade 2.jpg

    A Japanese "karibaraiki" in action!

    Gassho, J

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    What a weapon! We have those harmless strings of monofillament line, not quite so dangerous. But less effective I suspect.
    and, Jakuden,
    Thanks for sharing your woodland gardens with us. I love the idea of hidden surprises. And 15 acres to wander in, lovely.

    In today's NYTimes...
    How to grow a garden anywhere...for those of you still wondering how to manage a garden.



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    That's a serious weapon of mass destruction. My favorite garden tool is the hori-hori also known as the Japanese farmer's weeder. It's just a simple steel blade and a wooden handle. But I find it the best for getting all kinds of stubborn weeds out.


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    Wow - there's a lot of acres of garden/woodland between us. Land/gardens are at a premium in the UK so I consider myself very lucky to have
    even 2/3rds of an acre. I'd love more space though - very freeing to have meadows/woodland and water. All needs caring for though so with these old bones
    our smaller plot is quite enough to look after.


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    garden 4s.jpg



    still can't figure more than postage stamp size


    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinyo View Post
    still can't figure more than postage stamp size
    They get big when you click on them.

    Lovely views.

    Gassho, J


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    Jinyo and all others....what wonderful places you have created. The creatures thank you!

    Be Safe and Well

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    These are all so lovely and refreshing to look at. Thank you! I guess I can share mine. I have a little room garden that sits on the window sill and, this past month, my brother set up an aquaponics herb garden in the back patio. It has been wonderful to just walk out and get fresh basil for a meal! I've found it really uplifting to care for these little plants.

    room garden.jpg


    sat, lah
    Thank you for teaching me.

    I am very much a beginner and appreciate any words you may give me.

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    Thank you Krissydear for posting. The tiniest of gardens can offer a place of respite.
    And Jinyo, a beautiful garden thank you for sharing it with us. Nothing like an English garden! I especially love the arch.



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    NIce. I know nothing of Auqaponic gardens but they look interesting!!


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    Jinyo, yes a beautiful and very English garden, a calming and restful space, and a lot of work too I imagine.
    Krissy dear, I'm so pleased you posted your small gardens, so much can be created on a table, window ledge or a balcony. We are currently enjoying fresh basil, rosemary lemon thyme, chives, and the real challenge - coriander, which is almost impossible here. And we're waiting for cherry tomatoes and French beans. All grown in pots in a tiny space.
    I don't know anything about aquaponic growing either,, maybe you could tell us a little more.
    Thank you everyone for bringing so many lovely gifts to this thread, allowing it to be a place of peace and reminding us of our interconnectedness with the earth and all growing/living things. Let it grow!
    Sattoday lah
    Sattoday lah
    命 Mei - life
    島 Tou - island

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