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Thread: We're All In This Together (30) - Viral Misperceptions - TOO NARROW!

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    We're All In This Together (30) - Viral Misperceptions - TOO NARROW!

    See the Big Picture, and Cover All Your Bases!

    Gassho, J


    PS - I'm trying to exercise through all this "being at home" too, and to lose a few pounds too. Not so easy to do if we are too sedentary.

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    Nailed it once again Jundo.
    These regular snippets/insights/teachings/so-called common sense are a perfect antidote for the ongoing (dis)information and fear mongering that bombards us in all areas of media these days.
    Death tallies for crying out loud! What's with that. I'm sure those whose loved ones succumb to Covid-19 aren't celebrating that they made the hottest 100.
    Perspective is a beautiful gift that everyone can enjoy with the simple practice of looking beyond ones own nose.
    Of course I don't want suffering in any form to be experienced by anyone or anything but as our Practice tells us, all life is suffering. It doesn't mean that we need to expedite it with poor choices.
    I'm not exactly in a position at the moment to do much more than stay breathing but be assured that the spirit of Nin most definitely has always been present throughout this wonderfully challenging bunch of experiences we lob together and call life.
    Thank you Roshi
    On Ka
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    "In whatever condition I find myself, I simply live my own life, a life connected with all the things in the universe." - Shohaku Okumura

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    Thanks, Jundo.

    This post resonates a lot with me.

    Last year, in July, my father died suddenly. I wasn't able to see him before he passed away as I live in another continent. His passing wasn't expected at all. As far as we knew it, he didn't have any health problems. He had been a vegetarian for 40 years, never smoked, used to exercise sporadically. However, he died of a heart attack. Why? Today, we know that heart disease, insulin resistance and diabetes are also caused by the consumption of carbohydrates, especially unrefined, starchy ones. His diet was basically rice, pasta, bread, legumes and, sometimes, some kind of soy-based meat or beans. He had a sweet tooth as well. Yes, he used to eat salads daily (lettuce, broccoli, etc.), but that wasn't going to revert the damage being done by all the carbs and sugars—simple carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the body. To complicate things, there is also a story of heart disease on my mother's side.

    So I decided to "cover all my bases". I changed my diet radically; I'm keto now, which helped me lose 15 kg. I took up running for the first time in my life. I had been completely sedentary for a whole decade before July last year, just working in an office. I now run three times a week; I walk at least 10 km during the days I'm not running—which is an excellent opportunity to listen to podcasts like "The Zen of Everything". I try to sleep at least 7 hours every night. I rarely drink these days as well, maybe once every two months or so. Luckily, I never smoked. And, most important of all, I'm also sitting daily, practising Zazen twice, in the morning and evening.

    I'm not doing all that because I'm scared of dying. Well, I'm not going to lie, my father's passing kickstarted all of this, which is perhaps the only silver lining here. But as Jundo says in the video, we can't live forever. So I actually changed my life for the sake of my young family, especially my daughters, who I want to see growing, becoming teenagers and then adults.

    In the end, I believe I'm better prepared to deal with the coronavirus pandemic at the moment. Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and insulin resistance are the most common comorbidities of COVID-19. That's why this message is so essential: always "cover your bases" if you can—and do it ASAP. Don't wait for a tragedy or a pandemic. Just do it.

    Again, thanks for this insightful series!


    "Zazen is good for nothing."
    — Kōdō Sawaki (1880-1965)

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    Thank you Jundo.


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    "When you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself."
    Shunryu Suzuki

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    Luigi I am on track with your discussion of health. I practice a similar lifestyle..except I don’t like to run so I climb hills

    Thanks Jundo, all you said is wise.


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    Thank you for the talk, wonderful as always! There is so much potential good that can come out of this, people being kinder to their own bodies, taking precautions to help others, and appreciating the hard work of teachers, retail workers, delivery drivers, doctors, nurses; the list is extensive.

    Luigi, metta to your family and yourself, losing a parent can be very tough, and I'm happy that you're so committed to living a healthy lifestyle for your children, I couldn't imagine my son growing up without a parent.



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    Interestingly, it seems that smokers have a lower risk of dying of covid-19. The numbers are surprising, because doctors expected them to be much higher, but the French are testing nicotine patches for people who have the disease.



    I know nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkmc View Post
    Interestingly, it seems that smokers have a lower risk of dying of covid-19. The numbers are surprising, because doctors expected them to be much higher, but the French are testing nicotine patches for people who have the disease.



    That's absolutely fascinating, I never would've imagined that. So am I reading the article correctly that smokers are less likely to get it, but when they do the complications are more severe? At least a nicotine treatment would be easily available, though somewhat dangerous for children. Hopefully it doesn't come full circle to nine out of ten doctors recommending Camels!



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    Thank you to all who endeavour to be active, to eat healthily, and to refrain from unhealthy practices such as smoking. I hope you are rewarded with a more vital life. Your lifestyle should help to ease the strain on our over burdened health care systems. Metta to all, who for whatever reason, are unable to take these steps.

    Sat today and lah
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    I couldn't agree about more about taking better of our bodies and continuing to do so after the pandemic. So many of our diseases are caused from our lifestyles and our diets. But unfortunately this way of living is so ingrained in society making it hard for people to change. I hope people will consider to lead healthier lives. It makes a big difference.

    Sat today

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