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Thread: We're All In This Together (24) - Recommendation: Loving Kindness Practice (Metta)

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    We're All In This Together (24) - Recommendation: Loving Kindness Practice (Metta)

    Dear All,

    I would like to recommend 'Metta,' Loving Kindness recital, as a practice to sooth the heart and heal the world in these difficult times. I explain how in this talk.

    Metta is a visualization practice in which we summon feelings within to match the words we say, e.g., contentment when we speak of contentment, peace when we wish for peace. We begin with ourself, then a loved one, a friend, a stranger we may have passed on the street, a difficult person in life, and finally all sentient beings. We say these words:

    1. May he(I/she/we) be free of suffering; may he(I/she/we) feel safe and still.

    2. May he(I/she/we) be free of enmity; may he(I/she/we) be loving, grateful and kind.

    3. May he(I/she/we) be healthy and at ease in all his(my/her/our) ills.

    4. May he(I/she/we) be at peace, embracing all conditions of life

    If you would like to read more about Metta practice, there is information here:


    More on the effectiveness of Metta, here:

    Explaining "Metta"

    Gassho, J

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    This is a nice reminder .

    Thank you Jundo




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    Lovely! Metta is such a beautiful practice.

    Also, please feel to join us for the related practice of Tonglen (taking suffering from others and sending metta) each Sunday in the Scheduled Sitting Room at 7pm UST (3pm EDT, 12pm PDT, various times elsewhere):

    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    Sat today and lah

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    Also at the moment I'm doing a daily Metta session, a short 10 minutes sit and then Metta recital. Check the calendar!

    Although I do run in late or miss a day here and there, because since I'm working from home people seem to forgot there is such a thing as lunchtime. :P


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    Kodo Shoka

    Please don't take anything I say as anything more than just a normal person's thoughts on the topic. I'm just stumbling through life trying to be helpful, but really don't know much.

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    Thank you Jundo for encouraging my Metta practice and Shoka, Kokuu/Washin for running Metta and Tonglen sessions.

    No excuses now.

    Gassho, Chris stlah

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    Thank you Jundo Roshi

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    I am a novice priest. Any resemblance my posts may have to actual teachings about the Dharma, living or dead, is purely coincidental (and just my attempt to be helpful).

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    We're All In This Together (24) - Recommendation: Loving Kindness Practice (Metta)

    This is the man filled with emotion seeking the middle path which the Buddha taught us and by example compassion, equanimity, and gratitude these and more And by the love of One Who taught me to pray these words “Help Me.” Thank you Jundo for making it real.
    Tai Shi
    sat / lah

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