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Thread: We're All In This Together (21) - ugly is Beautiful

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    We're All In This Together (21) - ugly is Beautiful

    Not everything is beautiful (little "b") in our little village, not at all.

    Adjacent to Treeleaf and the old temple is an old dump, ugly and dangerous. With our human eye, we see it as ugly and something to fix. We should clean it up, make it better.

    With a Buddha's Eye, we encounter even the ugly as Beautiful (Big "B"), Shining, Nothing Lacking and Nothing to Fix.

    Likewise for all the ugly or scary things of life, all of which can be encountered with both Eyes open at once.

    With both Eyes open, let's clean it up, even though it shines as a jewel.

    Our Sangha member Hobun wrote a poem which captured the point better than anything I could say ...


    I have great compassion for junk,
    For the objects that are ugly
    Through no fault of their own:
    On its bent rim, the gashed tire
    Bleeds tiny threads of steel;
    Undulating strips of tin
    Cross themselves with jagged ends;
    The deep-fridge, its lid arrested in rising,
    Touches the scuffed desk
    Piled with diapers;
    Roaches, rat shit, razors,
    Chairs with broken backs and legs,
    Shining needles straight as pine,
    All these oddities and endings,
    I absolve your ugliness;
    There are hands and eyes enough to blame
    That fashioned you and broke you
    And brought you here and keep you,
    But I absolve your ugliness.
    In sunshine, in moonlight,
    In dew, in frost, in rust and rot.
    I hold you in your beauty.
    Eyes of my eyes, let us be
    Open together.
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    I see beauty in decay and am particularly drawn to the shapes and colours that develop/evolve. There really is beauty in everything.
    Thank you for these regular snippets of wisdom and Dharma teachings Jundo, it really is a tremendous time to be alive.
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    Thank you for this reminder. This reminded me of the heart sutra where form is emptiness, and emptiness is form. Discrimination makes things beautiful and ugly but everything is just as it is.

    Sat (Too early to LAH but will do)

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    It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it's such a wonderful thing to be Buddhist, as you can see beauty everywhere you look. It does also bring to mind how rare and imperfect yet absolutely perfect in it's own way that it can all be.



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    Recalling "Everything is Beautiful" by Ray Stevens.

    Thanks for this reminder, Jundo


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    Thank you Jundo

    Sat today and lah

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    The voices of the river valley are the Buddha's wide and long tongue.
    The form of the rubbish heap is nothing other than his pure body.

    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    yes Jundo, Sometimes it takes longer to see.

    Your post revived a memory. When looking for reptiles we will look for pieces of trash (eg sheet metal, boards etc) to turn over and see what species has taken refuge under them. I have done this on several continents throughout my life. The litter is unappealing to me and yet it was a delight to find because of its potential.


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    Thank you Jundo.

    Gassho, Shinshi

    空道 心志 Kudo Shinshi
    I am just a priest-in-training, any resemblance between what I post and actual teachings is purely coincidental.

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    Thank you Jundo.




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    Thank you Jundo.

    Kotei sat/lah today.

    義道 冴庭 / Gidou Kotei.
    Being a novice priest doesn't mean that my writing about the Dharma is more substantial than yours. Actually, it might well be the other way round.

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    Thank you, Jundo.
    There really is beauty in everything.
    It reminded me of my uncared gardenand the new flowers that just bloomed as the autumm begins:



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    Thank you Jundo. The kid's rooms are a daily reminder to practice this teaching, but I sometimes mislay my Buddha glasses

    Gassho, C stlah

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