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Thread: There is a lot of praise showered on doctors, nurses and others in this crisis but...

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    There is a lot of praise showered on doctors, nurses and others in this crisis but...

    I think that the media forgets a lot of people that are part of this war. Here are some thoughts.

    Support staff. My receptionist is 68 and high risk. I am absolutely lost without her yet she shows up for work.

    My medical records are electronic. Without the computer folks there is no medical care.

    Without the employees going to work at grocery stores there is no food to give me strength to go to work and no strength for patients to make it to my office.

    Without Jakuden (veterinarian), her staff and others like her to keep my dogs and other animals healthy, I don't work as well as my animals have a direct impact on my mood. Animals are emotionaly supportive of my patients too, particularly in these difficult times.

    The people at the drive through window that hand me my hamburger making minimum wage still going to work.

    Even the people not taking the proper precautions have a positive contribution. They go about their business reminding us that our current situation is not the way things should be and also have a soothing effect on some people.

    I know I forgotten a lot of people. Can you help me giving credit where credit is due?


    Gassho, Jishin, __/stlah\__

    PS:. Jundo is worthless and deserves no credit.
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    Thank you Jishin.

    The law enforcement employees, who endlessly remind people on keeping the distancing rules, risking their own health.

    The delivery drivers, who work extra shifts to bring the stuff people order instead of collect themselves.

    Those who continue watching for the kids at school and kindergarten, whose parents have to work and cannot keep them at home. And those kids, too.

    Thank you.

    Kotei sat/lah today.
    古庭 KoTei / Ralf

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    Yesterday a friend was telling me of someone she knows is collecting $20 bills from friends and acquaintances and going to pharmacies and grocery stores handing out the money to clerks and workers.
    Yes we need to acknowledge their front line status. Many cannot afford to not go to work.
    The mail carriers, trash collectors truck drivers. So many.

    Gassho to all who keep our lives running from behind the scenes.

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    I put a note up on my door the other day thanking my delivery person. I dunno if they saw it, but I hope so. They need to be encouraged as well. I'm trying to find little things I can do to show my appreciation for people who are keeping things running while this crisis is going on.

    Peace begins inside

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    One of the first deaths in Ontario was a grocery store worker. Everyone, everywhere who is rolling up their sleeves and working..because others are relying on them. A deep bow of gratitude.

    Gassho Kyotai

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    To all and there are many I give thanks to.

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    Our supermarket opens an hour earlier for the elderly and those of us with disabilities so that we have a greater chance of getting the basics.
    The first time I took advantage of this I made a point of seeking out as many employees as possible to thank them and apologise for some of the less beautiful aspects of human nature they've had to endure from those not handling the pandemic as well as they do their regular routine.
    Most staff were quite taken back and very thankful despite my actions seeking no acknowledgement.
    As an anarchist I'm the eternal optimist that the essence of human nature everywhere is an overwhelmingly positive force. For the most part this pandemic has reaffirmed this.
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    Quite simply, we are all interconnected. This sickness has helped the world realize that more than before perhaps.

    As well, we all depend on the labors of others, most of whom are often unseen and underpaid for their hard work. Perhaps we will recognize this a bit more too.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Thank you Jishin, of course you and everyone associated with mental health support are absolutely on the front lines also and deserve heartfelt gratitude!

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    I have also to show gratitude for the people that are cleaning our houses, offices and streets. They are also putting themselves in danger every day and receiving very little money and gratitude for their work.

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    Today I was deeply grateful for accountants, bankers, insurance agents, and attorneys, all of who have put in a ton of time and energy helping me wade through the new legislation and figure out how to keep my practice ship sailing with all her crew!


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    I am a novice priest. Any resemblance my posts may have to actual teachings about the Dharma, living or dead, is purely coincidental (and just my attempt to be helpful).

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