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Thread: Pandemic diary (photo journal)

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    Pandemic diary (photo journal)

    I've been dabbling with photography for some time now, actually approaching the whole craft as a beginner that I truly am. I am working in media for half of my life (since I was 17, I am 34 right now), but I never learned in-depth photography which I want to do now.

    So, as part of my exercise, I've created a task for myself. Pandemic diary is my photo journal project that will last until WHO decides to declare coronavirus pandemic gone. I am shooting with everything at my disposal and writing small descriptions. You may use Google Chrome to translate it from Bosnian, or if it doesn't work, just ask and I'll gladly provide an explanation. My idea is to capture common, normal, everyday stuff that I encounter in Sarajevo during pandemic.

    Here's my project: hope you'll like it:

    SjeoDanas (SatToday)
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