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Thread: Pandemic diary (photo journal)

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    Pandemic diary (photo journal)

    I've been dabbling with photography for some time now, actually approaching the whole craft as a beginner that I truly am. I am working in media for half of my life (since I was 17, I am 34 right now), but I never learned in-depth photography which I want to do now.

    So, as part of my exercise, I've created a task for myself. Pandemic diary is my photo journal project that will last until WHO decides to declare coronavirus pandemic gone. I am shooting with everything at my disposal and writing small descriptions. You may use Google Chrome to translate it from Bosnian, or if it doesn't work, just ask and I'll gladly provide an explanation. My idea is to capture common, normal, everyday stuff that I encounter in Sarajevo during pandemic.

    Here's my project: hope you'll like it:

    SjeoDanas (SatToday)
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    That is a beautiful project. I loved the photos. There were some strange Google translations to Portuguese, but I could understand the main idea of your text.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Dear Mateus, thank you. It truly means a lot. Google Translate works without a hitch from Bosnian/Croatian to English, that might clear up any misunderstandings.


    SjeoDanas (SatToday)

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    Excellent. _()_

    doyu sat today.lah
    Visiting unsui, take w/salt.

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    Great project. Thank you for sharing, Sharan.

    As for Ukraine, here the public transport has changed its status from being "public" to "special"
    mostly carrying the doctors and other officials related to various assignments during the pandemic.
    An ordinary citizen (with no special permission) can no longer use it.
    Thus we commute by cars or bikes

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    Wonderful and very meaningful project. Thank you for sharing. And quite stunning images~ I look forward to following your personal journey through this new reality.
    Not sure how to use goggle chrome to translate but will figure it out.



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    Fantastic shots Sharan, loved that image of the notice on the door, I saw that on Insta earlier today. Excellent work and looking forward to your documentation of these difficult times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooperix View Post

    Wonderful and very meaningful project. Thank you for sharing. And quite stunning images~ I look forward to following your personal journey through this new reality.
    Not sure how to use goggle chrome to translate but will figure it out.


    Greetings Anne,

    if you do use Chrome as your browser and English is your default, it should automatically give you an option to translate the page. If not, you can use this link:

    Also, instead of giving you a fish, let me learn you how to catch one

    If you go to, just punch in any URL (web address) and you will get a link to view some page in your own language. Of course, the translation is not perfect, but it's getting better every single day.


    SjeoDanas (SatToday)

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    Good to see other parts of the world.

    Thank you for sharing.


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    Thank you kindly, Doshin. Here are some of the new photos I've finally managed to edit. I'll probably not post as much in the following days because from tomorrow I'll be working from home and will respect the quarantine.

    Curfew Cat made me really happy with her (typical of cats) uninvolved behavior. This one was sitting on the window sill in my mom's aunt building. Aunt asked me to bring her some puzzles because she can't go out. Cat made my day:

    This runner's pic I caught while riding a bike to work. He was running down the Wilson's Lane in Sarajevo, popular 3k road that's closed for the cars after 5 PM so people usually go out there with their kids, cycling, eating cobs of corn, walking and so on. The trail he's taking has been made by runners who don't want to run on the hard surfaces.

    Bosnians have this stubbornness and they don't cancel stuff that's important to them. I'm not saying this is the case for this subject of mine, but her family decided to paint the walls anew with painters arriving during pandemic. I caught her on her way back from the local store, she was carrying coffee she made for the painters:

    SjeoDanas (SatToday)

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    Beautiful, thank you for sharing Sharan. From my quarantine to yours :-)

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    Thank you for sharing, beautiful.




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    Really like these shots. It's interesting what's coming out of this pandemic. Amid so much death and anxiety and loss, there is still beauty. There are still cats. There is still someone with a camera seeing it, sharing it.

    I myself am experiencing wonder every day. I fear for my parents and my job and our livelihood. But I'm also learning to sew on a sewing machine my mother bought me 18 years ago and never used. My old friend called me out of the blue today. Green shoots at poking through the dead leaves in the woods outside my window. I'm learning to speak German.

    Keep looking. Keep sharing.


    Sat lah

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    Interesting, but it invokes the denial that I am still working on to get to acceptance.
    Luckily, here in the US we don't have such draconian measures, yet.
    I'm in a very rural area so social distance is our normal most of the time any way.

    SAT Lah

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    Thank you

    Ryū Dou

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