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Thread: ARTS: Haiku Podcasts

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    ARTS: Haiku Podcasts

    Hi all

    This is a series of five podcasts on Matsuo Basho and haiku from Upaya Zen Center (Santa Fe, NM) led by Natalie Goldberg, Clark Strand and Kaz Tanahashi.

    Clark tends to stick to 5-7-5 haiku (which very few people in the modern haiku world do) but Natalie is rather less rigid.

    In the first episode they read out some poems by modern authors which is lovely as I know many of them!

    Natalie was a student of Katagiri Roshi and is the author of Writing Down the Bones and Long Quiet Highway.
    Clark is a former Zen monk from New York Zen Center and author of Seeds from a Birch Tree and The Wooden Bowl.
    Kaz has written many books on Zen including Moon in a Dewdrop and The Heart Sutra.

    Basho in our Time 1
    Basho in our Time 2
    Basho in our Time 3
    Basho in our Time 4
    Basho in our Time 5

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    and listen to the rain

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    Thanks, Kokuu!

    Sat today, lah
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    Oh nice, thank you Kokuu!




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