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Thread: Haiku prompt: spring/fall

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    Haiku prompt: spring/fall

    Hi all

    I would love to read some haiku about the season in your area! For large parts of the northern and southern hemisphere we are moving into spring or fall, but I know that other parts of the world have different seasonal patterns.

    A few to get you started from classical writers (English translations by Robert Hass from The Essential Haiku):

    attached to nothing,
    the skylark singing

    -- Matsuo Basho

    The cherry blossoms fallen
    through the branches
    a temple

    -- Yosa Buson

    Spring rain:
    a mouse is lapping
    the Sumida River

    - Kobayashi Issa

    Some contemporary poets (from last spring's edition of hedgerow journal #127):

    more flower
    than pot

    -- Elizabeth Alford

    making the meadow
    last longer
    -- crickets

    -- Gary Hotham

    day moon
    a sick friend
    brings me flowers

    -- Eishuu (former member of Treeleaf)

    first news
    of a friend's death
    blackthorn blossom

    -- Kokuu

    So, go feel, taste and touch nature and get haikuing!!!

    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    corona virus
    cherry blossoms

    Kotei sat/lah today.
    古庭 KoTei / Ralf

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