Hi all

I would love to read some haiku about the season in your area! For large parts of the northern and southern hemisphere we are moving into spring or fall, but I know that other parts of the world have different seasonal patterns.

A few to get you started from classical writers (English translations by Robert Hass from The Essential Haiku):

attached to nothing,
the skylark singing

-- Matsuo Basho

The cherry blossoms fallen
through the branches
a temple

-- Yosa Buson

Spring rain:
a mouse is lapping
the Sumida River

- Kobayashi Issa

Some contemporary poets (from last spring's edition of hedgerow journal #127):

more flower
than pot

-- Elizabeth Alford

making the meadow
last longer
-- crickets

-- Gary Hotham

day moon
a sick friend
brings me flowers

-- Eishuu (former member of Treeleaf)

first news
of a friend's death
blackthorn blossom

-- Kokuu

So, go feel, taste and touch nature and get haikuing!!!