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Thread: Realizing Genjokoan - Chapter 7 - P 98 to End

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    Realizing Genjokoan - Chapter 7 - P 98 to End

    Dear Fellow Sailors,

    I believe a major aspect of this Way is to realize the "feedback loop" of ourself and the world that is our being in life. I sometimes use the image of a bicycle (Dogen has his boat). You may think that "you" are riding a bike (your life) down a road (time) which is passing scenery (this world). But, for Zen bikers, rider and road, bike and peddling, riding and scenery are one whole. The bike and road ride you as you ride the bike down the road. Scenery brings movement to you as you move past the scenery, and really, scene and seer are not apart. As you ride the bike past the beautiful and sometimes ugly scenes of life, the bike rides you, riding scenes you, road yous the scenes. Like that. The whole brings you to life as you bring the ride to life ... Only bikingyouingsceneingroadingpeddling ... and it is all one wild ride!

    In between, we just try to stay on, keep balance, not fall on our asses into the mud. However, even the sometimes hard gravel and mud are part of this too.

    Gassho, J

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