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Thread: New Zealand Monday evening zazen

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    New Zealand Monday evening zazen

    Tēnā koe, or more informally, kia ora, or a warm New Zealand welcome to a new scheduled zazen sitting.

    From Monday 17th Feb at 2000 New Zealand time, I will sit in the scheduled sitting room for a regular weekly 30 minute zazen sit. If you are from my part of the world, or if you're time zone makes this a convenient sit for you, please join me. The scheduled sitting room can be found in 'treeleaf NOW', and if you already have it saved in your favourites awesome, if not it is easy to find if you google 'treeleaf now' or enter via the Zoom ID: 483 483 1244.

    I will be online myself at precisely 2000, we will allow five minutes for people to join and then start zazen. Basic zendo etiquette applies, if you are new and not sure what that means please ask around the forum - the weekly zazenkai thread has some guidance too.

    Be great to see you there tomorrow or any Monday after that. You are welcome to PM me at any time.

    Gassho, Tokan (Leon)



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    Hi all

    I'll be online in 30 minutes, if you are able to join me it would be nice to sit in community with you live.




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    My apologies Tokan for not seeing this inaugural meeting notice. I aim to be there next week.
    Gassho, Chris satlah

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisKiwi View Post
    My apologies Tokan for not seeing this inaugural meeting notice. I aim to be there next week.
    Gassho, Chris satlah
    Kia ora Chris

    That's okay, join when you can, see you next time!

    Gassho, Tokan


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    I've just seen this but will check time differences.
    On Ka
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    Be good to see you there Onka

    Gassho, Tokan


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    Hi all

    Just going to set up now, see you soon!

    Gassho, Tokan


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    Kia ora whanau (hey sangha)

    Online tonight, 8pm NZ time, hope to see some of you there. Simple bell and zazen, and a chat afterwards if you have the time.

    Gassho, Tokan


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    Sweet as
    Gassho satlah

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    I applaud you Folks for your undertaking. There is something more than30 miles (ca. 48 km) away too much for Marjorie. I think round trip more than 60 miles (ca. 97 km), maybe 70 miles (ca. 113 km)-- not possible. Someday maybe but I think what you have is wonderful.

    Tai Shi
    sat/ lah
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