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Thread: ANNOUNCEMENT: The RETURN of the Treeleaf "DAILY WISDOM/Dharma Leafs" Phone APP !

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The RETURN of the Treeleaf "DAILY WISDOM/Dharma Leafs" Phone APP !

    Dear All,

    I am pleased to announce that our Treeleaf "DAILY WISDOM/Dharma Leafs" phone app is available again, now ready for both ANDROID and IPhone!

    The app is very simple: With a click, a few words of Zen wisdom pop up, to be repeated, followed by a certain number of breaths. It is good practice during one's busy day, especially at those moments when life gets a little trying.

    To access:

    Android, Google Play Store: Search for "Dharma Leafs". Include the quotes when searching, this will make finding it much easier.

    Apple IOS, App Store: search for TreeLeafs.

    At trying moments during the day, recite the quote once slowly, then focus on the breath for the times indicated.

    Many of the sayings were suggested by Treeleaf members at the time of the app's original development.

    I would like to thank our Treeleaf member, Drew, for all his hard work these past many weeks to update the coding, and also get it ready and uploaded to both the Play Store and for Apple. I would also like to thank again Ongen, the original developer of the app.


    There is no charge for the app, of course, and it is meant to be both free and freeing. As far as I know, as a good Buddhist app, it is free of "malware" and the like too. Only "goodware."

    Gassho, Jundo

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