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    This isnít Zen related, but I feel itís important for the wider Buddhist community as a whole, especially in the United States.


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    Wow is right.

    Gassho, Shinshi

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    Some religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, political movements, can become cultish and bound to their leader ... even if he turns out to be a person behaving badly, destructively, criminally. Nothing will dissuade the "true believers" about the person. We had it in the Zen world about a few folks. Sometimes the leader can be both wise and charismatic in some ways, but truly harmful in other ways or below the surface.

    For Shambhala, that began with Trungpa who, for all his brilliance and charm, was a mean and destructive alcoholic who used people and built a cult, their next leader (÷sel Tendzin) who knowingly infected his sexual partners with AIDS and thus committed murder ...

    ... and now this.

    Pema Chodron strikes me as a decent person who, unfortunately, is connected to that group through the decades.

    I always say, by the way, about Treeleaf or any religious group ... if you see any signs of any abusive behavior, cultishness or the like ... grab your sitting cushion and RUN, do not walk, for the nearest door.

    Gassho, J

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    well said, Jundo.



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    Before I read about this today I was reading about Leonard Cohen and his teacher Joshu Sasaki who unfortunately turned out to be a serial sexual harasser. That these people are out there is just part of the problem. The other part is those who are willing to condone it, cover it up, makes excuses for it and keep following these people.

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    I sincerely hope Ani Pema finds her way forward to peace, she is a great teacher who reaches out beyond Shambhala and was my introduction to Buddhism.
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    Yes Pena is a wonderful, inspiring teacher, writer. I wish her well.



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