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while working on something, I came across this older blog entry from our Shokai -- seemed appropriate to paste here due to the mention of vows.

I hope Shokai does not mind?

12/108 Gates of Dharma Illumination
12-31-2013 at 02:22 PM (19415 Views)

New Years Day 2014

The Twelfth Gate

Mindfulness of precepts is a gate of Dharma illumination;
for [with it] we fulfill all vows

Vows :
a solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment, an earnest declaration or resolve

May we, together with all beings
Be mindfull of our vows
That we may keep steadfast on the path.

May this offering bring peace to all beings
May our actions contribute to the harmony of The Universe
And, may all hearts and minds be opened to The Present

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And, Shokai's most recent blog entry is located here:


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