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Thread: Veterinarian Raising Funds To Help Save Animals in Australia

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    Veterinarian Raising Funds To Help Save Animals in Australia

    As you all no doubt know, vast numbers of wildlife are perishing in the bush fires. There is a U.S. Veterinarian from Arizona who has started a fundraiser. He says many veterinarians are traveling to Australia to help treat animals injured in the fires. The link to donate is in the article.


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    Awesome. Over 50,000 Koala's were killed on Kangaroo Island, a tinsy island off of the coast of South Australia alone. The support from all around the world for Australia's wildlife warms my heart.
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    Thank you jakuden,

    I read yesterday more than one billion animals have perished in the Australian fires. One billion!
    When will we wake up?

    With enormous sadness for the suffering of all sentient being.
    I bow.

    Just sat

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    Sat today and lah

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    Thank you Jakuden.

    I'll be sending some help this week.


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    As I do not use Facebook I couldn't figure out a way to donate through that link. USA Today has a site that lists many ways to donate to help in case anyone else has a similar problem.


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    For my overseas comrades who can't fathom the geographical size of Australia, we are around the same size as the US but with about 260 million less people. Less people overall and being sparsely populated outside of major cities means less infrastructure and resources to deal with disasters like this.
    As fire and climate experts explain, every year the window for back burning becomes smaller and smaller as climate change with it's associated longer droughts, hotter temperatures and longer summers.
    In Queensland where we live there are towns that ran out of water completely long ago, dams that are at extreme low levels, rivers drying up and farmers shooting their stock due to having no food. And we've been spared compared to New South Wales where comrade Getchi lives and further south in Victoria where entire towns have had to be evacuated by the Navy.
    But hey, perspectives... There are struggles everywhere.
    I personally thank all Sangha members for being caring and helping people struggling across the globe. I feel blessed to be able to say I took Jukai with Treeleaf.

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    My employer has set up a fund and is matching donations. The proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross, which is working in 21 evacuation centers in the worst affected areas, and Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Services (WIRES), which is caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.

    We have a division in Australia, they expect the fires to continue for months.

    Gassho, Drew

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    Just gave a donation. Hope it helps in some way.

    I'd like to share two Tricycle articles:

    Buddha Buzz Weekly: Buddhists Respond to Australia Bushfires
    Practicing in Hell



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    Thanks Daitetsu.
    Even though a number of fires have been either extinguished or brought under control by rain over the past couple of days there still remain many huge bushfires that are out of control. Another recent byproduct of the bushfires on wildlife has been the polluting of rivers by ash. It was reported that many hundreds of thousands of fish have died in NSW alone from ash being blown or running into rivers and waterways.
    I shudder at the thought of the final cost in human lives, families left homeless or having lost other property and income, stock, pets, wildlife in all its forms as well as the broader environment. Some Scientists are even talking about Australian's becoming climate refugees one day. The cynic in me says that this won't be allowed to happen until we've raped the continent of all its profit making resources.
    I apologise for the tone of the last sentence but we are a nation who's government vehemently denies climate change and worships coal profits over all else.
    Thank you all for taking an interest in the current situation here.
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    Thank you for the opportunity to help. Made a donation for the animals and one for the humans.



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    Thanks for the update, Onka!

    I've been following this every day now.
    To be honest I can hardly look at the images on TV and the web, it just breaks my heart. However, this is our reality, and looking away or even giving up is not an option and won't change anything.
    We should all do the best we can regardless of the outcome. Help the best way each of us can.



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    Thank you all for your help for Australian wildlife animals.
    So many animals need our support.
    Please also think of the millions of animals that live under cruel circumstances in factory farming and that are slaughtered every day in a way that is worse than one can imagine...
    I don't say that everybody has to go vegan overnight, just be aware of what you buy for food in the supermarket.
    Thank you.

    Ryū Dou

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    The human death toll is up to 33 now. Unfortunately this has included a number of firefighters including 3 specialist firefighting air crew from North America. There have been many more firefighters severely injured as well as community members of course. Metta to their families, colleagues and friends. Australian's are collectively humbled by the response of the international community and will always be thankful for the many tens of specialist firefighters from the US and Canada who have come over to lend a hand.
    Although some parts of the country are now being belted by storms there are still many many huge out of control fires directly impacting human communities.
    The cost to the animal population is now upwards of 2 billion and some ancient habitats have been forever changed.
    Thanks and much love
    Onka (Anna)
    Sat today
    aka Anna Kissed
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