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Thread: November 15-16th Treeleaf Weekly Zazenkai: Lion's Pose with the Differently Abled

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    I am 68, will I make 69 this next year? Probably, and I believe I am or not the oldest member, knowing that one of our priests is older than me, that there may be one or just a few, the number lower than ten or five? Am I the oldest one looking onto this screen of those visible on this screen? I sit, back into my easy chair recliner, as I have for hundreds of Zazenkai, so even then, lower back dull ache, face prickly with nerves raw, lips dry and protruding from chin rolled with skin, and arms covered with soft cotton, wondering about those lucky enough to be present, their poses all look uncomfortable, typing in quiet meditation having listened to Jakuden sing the Heart Sutra, there is beautiful presence of all my Sangha sisters and brothers, they are fully aware of living beings with minds, and at peace reclining in Lion's pose, meditation as Shikantaza is liberation Shakimundi with quiet for me. Oh, thank you dear Sangha-- please feel free to lighten load of body tissue, and please do as I do every Saturday I participate, will participate weekend of Dec. 5th and Dec. 6th and Dec. 7th (I was born in 1951, the Presidency of Eisenhower.). Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.
    Tai Shi
    am I reclining in easy chair? Meditation?
    You're welcome Rich, I did say five or ten, perhaps you are older too, or where do you get such incredible liberating wisdom?
    Calm Poetry
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    Aging is such a precious gift. Congratulations young man.


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