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Thread: "Simple Living" - Chapters 39 and 40

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    "Simple Living" - Chapters 39 and 40

    Just jump in if joining, no "catch up" ... just today is today ...

    I will include chapter headings, as we discovered some differences between the US and UK editions regarding chapter order.

    Chapter 39 - Every So Often, Try To Stop Thinking - Take a problem you need to solve (big or small, like a business decision or a crossword you can't remember), and stop thinking about it. Put down the thinking about how to solve it, and just be in that space where the problems simply sits there before you. Just be there for awhile in that space, wherever you are. Maybe it won't present you with a solution out of the void (or maybe it will!), but it will reset the mind a bit, perhaps simplify things.

    Chapter 40 - Make Distinctions - Try thinking of doorways you pass through as gates, and within those gates only one activity is done. For example, walking through the kitchen door, only cooking ... no family or business. Walking through the office door, only work ... no cooking or family. Walking through the living room door, only family ... no business or cooking. Try that with at least a couple of doors this week.

    Gassho, J

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    Very interesting. Will do.

    Gassho, Jishin, __/stlah\__

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    Gonna do them. Thank you!




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    Thank you, will do.
    #39 is something, I need to do on a regular basis. My brain is a machine, that generates endless thought-chains of possible problems..."what if"...
    Like an old telegraph, spitting out endless paper-strips... Finding the off-switch again and again is vital for my daily life.

    Kotei sat/lah today.

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    #39 is something I do regularly and naturally. Often when I am out for a walk alone.

    #40 is going to be interesting but Iíll give it a go.

    Sat today and lah

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    Will give this a go this week.

    Gassho Kyotai

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    #39 regularly. #40, huh. Hmm.

    doyu sat/lah today
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    I learned 39 a while back and use it often in my creative endeavors. I'll try to apply it more to other things though.

    40--that'll be a challenge.




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    Both of these are challenging for me! Although I force myself to do #39, wow #40 is tough. I had some success by going out to dinner and only thinking about my companions from the doorway and beyond. I love how it brings me back to a simpler time though, and I think I will try to bring this one along and try to practice it for awhile.

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    I've found that #39 really works for me at all levels, and has been particularly helpful in my creative practice.
    #40 requires a lot more discipline but I'm constantly working on it because my concentration has become so poor. I find that if I can get into the #40 mindset I'm really able to focus much better on what I need to.
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    Both are very difficult. I have been trying to keeo without thinking, but it is hard even during zazen. Outside zazen sitting, it almost never works for me.
    I tried to create some ''gates". One when I enter the car, to enterer driving only mode. But it was hard, since I'm used to lissen to music or podcasts when I'm driving. For work and for "fun times with family and friends" it was easier. Inside the house (kitchen, room, home office etc.) it was impossible. But I really liked this one and i'm going to try to keep trying it in the next weeks of Ango.
    Sat today/LAH

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    #39 works sometimes better, sometimes worse..but for a certain amount of time it's possible, and to remind again and again to stop. I think it depends on conditions how we "succeed" with this exercise.

    #40 what a nice exercise. Although it's difficult with three little kids and a wife to just focus e.g. in the kitchen just to cook. But when there's the opportunity, it's a fine thing. I will keep this one in mind, I think it becomes one of my favorite exercises




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