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Thread: "Simple Living" - Chapters 39 and 40

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    "Simple Living" - Chapters 39 and 40

    Just jump in if joining, no "catch up" ... just today is today ...

    I will include chapter headings, as we discovered some differences between the US and UK editions regarding chapter order.

    Chapter 39 - Every So Often, Try To Stop Thinking - Take a problem you need to solve (big or small, like a business decision or a crossword you can't remember), and stop thinking about it. Put down the thinking about how to solve it, and just be in that space where the problems simply sits there before you. Just be there for awhile in that space, wherever you are. Maybe it won't present you with a solution out of the void (or maybe it will!), but it will reset the mind a bit, perhaps simplify things.

    Chapter 40 - Make Distinctions - Try thinking of doorways you pass through as gates, and within those gates only one activity is done. For example, walking through the kitchen door, only cooking ... no family or business. Walking through the office door, only work ... no cooking or family. Walking through the living room door, only family ... no business or cooking. Try that with at least a couple of doors this week.

    Gassho, J

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