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Thread: Treeleaf Art Circle

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    Treeleaf Art Circle

    Hi everyone,
    Can I just remind you that we are currently running a very lively creative discussion with prompts over on the Art Circle thread - and although our discussion has been based around John Daido Loori's wonderful book The Zen of Creativity, the discussion and prompts are such that you can pop in, read and contribute if you wish at any point and without having read the book. The various threads can also be updated at any time, we hope that people will come back to them and find inspiration in the future as well as now.
    It's not necessary to define yourself as an Artist with a capital A, or even with a small one - we are all creative in our own way, expressing ourselves in a creatively is one of the very first things we learn to do as children, before thinking and self judgement starts. Please don't feel intimidated - I see lots of people here who were interested when the thread started and are still here, and I see lots of photos here on the Random Photo thread that would have been appropriate as part of our prompts.

    Come and have a look, entry is free

    命 Mei - life
    島 Tou - island

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    Hello all~

    I second Meitou's encouragement to check out the Art Circle threads.
    Just drop by and have a look at some of the amazing responses, images that have been posted. Lots of BEAUTY there for everyone to enjoy!

    And we all need a bit of beauty in our lives...



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