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Thread: Oryoki Sunday, October 13

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    Oryoki Sunday, October 13

    Hello all,

    Come share a meal!

    We will be meeting at 8:15 am Los Angeles time, 11:15 New York time, 6:15 Kiev time in the Treeleaf Now meeting room:

    We will not be recording this week but will be in the future.



    Meido Shugen
    明道 修眼

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    Thank you Shugen.

    It was a great pleasure to do my first chanting. All remarks are noted.
    Today it was a weird connection again which resulted in a fragmented streaming.
    It seems now there's a sure invitation from Zoom...

    Kaido (有道) Every Way
    Washin (和信) Harmony Trust
    I am a novice priest-in-training. Anything what I say must not be considered as teaching
    and should be taken with a 'grain of salt'.

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