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Thread: Welcome to the Cicadas here in Tsukuba ...

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    Welcome to the Cicadas here in Tsukuba ...

    The most wondrous call of an "Tsukutsuku-boshi Zemi" can be heard outside my room right now ... and likely will be heard by you during our upcoming Treeleaf Zazenkais from here in Japan the next few weeks.

    Heralding the end of summer ... the song is the Chant of a Sutra .... and there is actually a Buddhist connection ...

    The so-called “tsukutsuku Boshi (tsukutsuku Buddhist priest)” is the most musically-inclined out of all the cicadas, with the bug’s vocal range extending far beyond its namesake “tsukutsuku” sound. Most attempts at imitating its cry in Japanese have always felt like they fell short of the goal, but they produced some really interesting onomatopoeia like ooshiikkukku, utsukushon, or tsukushoshi.
    Amazing what this little guy can do, worth really listening ...

    This fellow too, a Min-Min Zemi ... frome the "min min" call ... just looking for love (nature's Match.Com on the side of a tree ) ...

    The “minmin cicadas” are found throughout all of Japan, even on the country’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. As such, they are the most symbolic of all the screaming bugs, as is their minmin cry, the written records of which go back hundreds of years.
    Gassho, J


    PS - Kakunen, please correct me if I have my cicada species confused!
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    Love that sound of the min min. Brings back fond memories of Kyoto and Tokyo for me. Hot summer nights, long evenings of festivals and walking the cities. The evening light seemed to stretch for hours longer than possible.
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    That is an amazing sound! I look forward to hearing it in the upcoming zazenkai.

    Matsuo Bashō wrote one of his most famous haiku about cicada as a meditation on life and death:

    Nothing in the cry
    of cicadas suggests they
    are about to die

    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    Beautiful sounds.

    One of the way our local Cicadas sing... (It's said this particular singing is of a male attracting female...)

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    Thankyou Jundo!

    I live in the mountains of NSW south coast, and the cicada here during summer time is so loud you head starts to feel numb after a while.

    Ive always loved them, and im very happy to have heard these special little guys!


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    Outstanding. The coming of the 13 and 17-year cicada broods (Magicicada) is a great reminder of the perpetual cycle of life. 2019 is an emergence year for Ohio and Pennsylvania, apparently.

    "Oh, another 17 years have passed... already? What have I been doing with myself?"

    Plus, you can eat them. Well, I never have. But when they are here, they are plentiful, easily collectable, and useful in recipes. And gluten free.


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    This is how they sound like in Argentina.
    We call them Chicharras, and they can be heard in particularly hot summer days.



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    We have cicadas here in NM, but they do not rival their sisters and brothers in Houston where I lived most my life. Deafening.... they screamed out the exact sound of the overwhelming, suffocating heat. We had the 13/17 year bugs along with every other variety.
    But here's a fun website...

    Bows to all creatures, loud or quiet...



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    We also have cicadas where I live. But unfortunately, my cats love to play and kill them. I have to find them before the cats and put them out in a safe place. They kill dozens every year.
    Sat today/LAH

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    One landed on my daughter and scared her to death last week None of the cicadas around here do any more than a monotone buzz, the Japanese ones are cool!


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    First time I found the Treeleaf website I watched the orientation video. I heard this weird noise throughout the whole recording and thought the recording was bad. I was even thinking of offering to audio engineer it out. Then I listened more closely and realized it was “crickets”.

    City slicker


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    I think many of us often overlook the things that are going on around us. When I first moved to the State of Georgia, it was July and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. I had been living in the desert of New Mexico where at night it is often very quiet. That night in Georgia I was standing outside the house my wife and I were living in and the air was filled with the sounds of Cicadas. To me it was deafening.
    I said to my wife, "Do you hear that?!" "Hear what?" she answered.

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    I really enjoyed hearing these tonight during zazenkai.

    It sounds different here, but tonight I stepped out a minute ago to give a snapshot of what I am hearing here right now in Eastern Kentucky.

    (Audio clip from my deck)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendrick View Post
    I really enjoyed hearing these tonight during zazenkai.

    It sounds different here, but tonight I stepped out a minute ago to give a snapshot of what I am hearing here right now in Eastern Kentucky.

    (Audio clip from my deck)
    Oh, could you hear them during the Zazenkai today? There were a few in the background. In the coming weeks, they should be very loud.

    Gassho, J


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    Thankfully Cicada season is over here in Cyprus! At the peak of the season the noise they make is really loud. So loud we can't listen to the radio or TV without closing the doors and windows! Have in mind that temperatures in Cyprus during the summer are between 35°C and 40°C which makes the situation even worse ... Anyway, we are thankfull to cicadas that give us an extra reason to use air conditioning !!!

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    It's wonderful, the pulse of the natural world. Here in West Texas, we mark the seasons with the arrival and departure of"our" vultures from their winter home in Mexico. They gather in our tall trees at night and we laugh that they come and go from Mexico without documents or papers. A reminder of the natureal link between our two countries that must not be obscured by a wall or physical barrier.


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    We don't have cicadas in the UK but my wife came running into the living room yesterday to find the source of what she thought was a loud hissing noise. It was me watching the rakusu videos with Taigu and the sound of the cicadas coming through the laptop speakers!




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    It ain't summer without cicadas. Bless them.

    Peace begins inside

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