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Thread: How-to - Change Forum Date Format

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    How-to - Change Forum Date Format

    I'm always confused with the date format on the forum in a web browser. vBulletin is software from an American company, so it makes sense that it uses MDY as the default format, but almost everywhere else in the world uses a version of DMY or YMD. For me the date gets more confusing towards the end of the year as the month gets bigger and it's not immediately obvious which number is the day. I'd be nice to have an option in settings to choose a format, or at least have it spell the month out in letters so it's not so ambiguous.

    It looks there might already be an established way to do this: I'm not sure if it works or if it is compatible with the version we are currently running though. If it's time consuming it might not be worth it, but I figured I might as well bring it up in case it'd be easy to implement. Thanks for keeping this place running!



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