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Thread: "Simple Living" - Chapters 23 and 24

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    "Simple Living" - Chapters 23 and 24

    Just jump in if joining, no "catch up" ... just today is today ...

    I will include chapter headings, as we discovered some differences between the US and UK editions regarding chapter order.

    Chapter 23 - Join Your Hands Together - Gassho (Bow with Pressed Palms) quite a few times this week, to things and moments to which you might not normally Gassho ... to a passing car, a passing stranger on the street, a weed in the sidewalk, the coffee maker, the toilet brush, an ant, a rusty tin can on the sidewalk, just to the air we breathe. No need to plan your bowing, let it just come spur of the moment, but offer a sincere bow of gratitude and connection.

    Chapter 24 - Make Time To Be Alone - Find some nature in which to just sit for some minutes, being secluded, putting the world down with all its concerns. Don't sit Zazen, but just appreciate the quiet of nature around you. If in a crowded and noisy city, any bench in a park will do, or if not that, even sitting next to a potted houseplant, or a single fallen leaf or weed in the sidewalk will do, and just let the quiet and seclusion happen in your heart. The mountains and rivers are inside you as much as out.

    Gassho, J

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