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Thread: 'The ZEN of EVERYTHING! Podcast' ... Episode 6 ....

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    'The ZEN of EVERYTHING! Podcast' ... Episode 6 ....

    Episode 6: Do Robots Have Buddha Nature?

    Jundo and Kirk take a look at the zen of the future, discussing whether or not robots are sentient, and whether they have Buddha nature.

    For more about the podcast, where to send your serious or silly questions ...

    You can also sign up by RSS, or hear it many places such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts (follow the links above).

    Gassho, Jundo


    PS - The Robot Buddha, a very interesting film from Korea mentioned in the podcast ...


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    Listened and enjoyed

    Gassho Kyotai

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    Have a long car ride today and have downloaded ALL of the episodes.
    Thank you, Jundo, for all that you do.

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    Enjoyed listening to this episode a lot. Thank you!

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    I had a great time listening to this episode! On wondering what a Zen master would look like with a starship, my mind immediately goes to the Jedi. Of course, likely without lightsabers since our essential message is nonviolent. Though there are groups that had warrior monks. Two of the photos I'm attaching are a Jedi named Kanan Jarrus sitting with the Force.

    As for robot Zen masters, we have Zenyatta from the video game Overwatch. He is a sentient robot who has attained enlightenment and is the teacher of another of the characters. That said, this character also fights.


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