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Thread: can anyone translate these titles?

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    can anyone translate these titles?

    Hello Japanese language students,

    I have a 6 volume set of books on Japanese ceramics. I bought it 40 years ago at a museum shop in Houston. I was a ceramicist in those years. It's a gorgeous set of books. I'd like to do some research on its publication etc but can't read a word of it. All in Japanese Kanji.

    Because I have to make these images so small in order to post I am hoping the lettering is legible??!!
    If anyone can translate I'd be delighted.

    japanese kanji adj.jpg
    ceramic books adj.jpg
    japanese kanji 2 adj.jpg



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    Hah, you are a wonderful artist, but a lousy photographer. Actually, your photos of the books are so artistic in their placing that I can't read the authors' names on all of them.

    Can you take some clearer pictures of the books' spines with the authors' names at the bottom uncovered? Also, if you open the book, would you take photos of what appears to be the copyright information page? If the book reads from left to right, or right to last, it will be a page with information on the publisher and such that looks like this ...

    delete copy.png

    Gassho, J

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    Thank you Jundo! Didn't even realize I was not photographing the authors names. Kanji are like beautiful marks, decorative but meaningless to me.
    I'll do a better job tomorrow and will include copyright info page. Books read right to left.


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    Hope these are better. First image is of the spines of the 6 volumes.
    There is no page that resembles the copyright page you posted so I took a photo of the first page in the volume and the last page which had a 'printed in Japan 1979' included. Maybe that's the copyright page.

    set adj.jpg
    first page:
    first page adj.jpg
    copyright page?
    copyright page adj.jpg

    fingers crossed!!


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    Vol 1 - Mino - Shino - Oribe / Seto

    Vol 2 - Hagi / Karatsu / Arita / Agano - Takatori

    Vol 3 - Bizen / Shingara / Iga / Tokoname

    Vol 4 - Kyoyaki / Kutani

    Vol 5 - Raku / Ohi / Akahada / Shogama (Misc. Kilns)

    Vol 5 - Supplement - Kyoyaki / Kutani / Shogama (Misc. Kilns) / Tea ware Knowledge

    SERIES : GENDAI CHAWAN DAIKAN (An Overview/Survey of Modern Tea Vessels)
    Published by Shufunotomo Co.,Ltd. (主婦の友社) in 1979

    Apparently, it was edited by a rather famous fellow, Tetsuzō Tanikawa (谷川 徹三) associated with the Kyoto School.

    Gassho, J

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    Oh deep bows to you Jundo!
    It will be fun investigating these volumes. So far I have only been able to enjoy the images. Which are quite spectacular.


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    Feeling in dire need of some beauty, I just opened the first link that Jundo posted above; such lovely ceramic dishes, especially the second one, which is breathtaking. I wish I could come to you Anne and learn how to make such things, my experience is limited to packets of Das clay! The books as stand alone objects are a work of art in themselves.
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