Hello everone.
Thank you for your continued support and participation, this has turned out to be a really rewarding project for all of us.

Anne and I would like to ask you just to continue to read this week and /or continue with your enso practice, or more ideas from the last prompt. The reasons are that Anne unfortunately is not well at the moment - Metta to you Anne for a speedy recovery- and I'm away in the UK until the 2nd July. I have a very busy trip planned and won't be able to get online for any length of time. But please continue posting, I'll be able to pop in when I have a moment free.

So please continue on, reading chapters 3 and 4, thinking about JDL's description of The Still Point in chapter 3 and how that relates to our spiritual and creative practice ; and in chapter 4 paying attention to the discussion about how we look/see. There won't be a prompt directly relating to chapter 3, but the ideas put forward will be incorporated into two prompts for chapter 4, which I'll post in the week after the 2nd.

Thank you all for bearing with us through this brief hiatus, the most important thing is to carry on with your creative practice in whatever form inspires, and continuing to enjoy this wonderful book.

Have a great week