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Thread: 'The ZEN of EVERYTHING! Podcast' with Jundo & Kirk is ON THE AIR! - EPISODE 1

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    'The ZEN of EVERYTHING! Podcast' with Jundo & Kirk is ON THE AIR! - EPISODE 1

    Dear All,

    For those of you who can't get enough Jundo, and would love to have me 24/7 in their cars, bedrooms and ears ...

    ... who want to hear me push some Buddhist boundaries, make some people smile and others come running with burning torches, all while hopefully speaking some sense ...

    ... I am pleased to announce that my new podcast is ON THE AIR .... THE ZEN of EVERYTHING! ... a Zen podcast not quite like any other right now ... OR FOR THE LAST 2500 YEARS!

    A zen take on life, love, laughter, and everything else. With Jundo Cohen, a real zen master, and Kirk McElhearn, a guy who knows a bit about zen.


    The show is co-hosted by me and our long time (12+ years) Treeleaf member, and the host/producer of several other successful podcasts, Kirk McElhearn. It was Kirk's idea (so blame him!)

    The basic premise is simple:

    Each episode we take listeners' questions on ALMOST ANY TOPIC ... even things (which is most things) that I admittedly know little or nothing about ...

    ... stuff like baseball (I know nothing ... there are 3 bases, yes?), sex advice (I know something, but according to my wife, really I know nothing), astro-physics (just what Dr. Tyson says on Youtube), fitness and health issues (I know nothing, see a doctor), politics (I know that things are crazy) ...

    ... and I will proceed to answer anyway, probably not saying too much truly practical or useful (especially because I know nothing) ...

    ... but always putting a "Zen" twist on each of them, bringing in thousands of years of Wisdom and Compassion ...

    ... thus maybe actually making some things right, clarifying all timeless mysteries of the universe, saving marriages and saving the planet, fixing both your car and Washington, solving all the other problems in the world and peoples's lives ...

    ... because I know nothing.

    Along the way, we laugh and cry together, and celebrate this strange world and the human condition.

    You can subscribe and listen too on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS and the like.

    Send your big and little questions and problems (Is there a God? How to get jelly out of a rug?) to ...


    Our first episode is up, and there will be a new episode this Friday, and then every couple of weeks.

    Episode 1: Cats, Lawyers, Health, Women, and Roshis

    For the first episode of The Zen of Everything, we explain why we started this podcast, and what we plan to do. We then explore whether cats are zen masters, discuss Buddhist lawyers, talk about practicing zen with health problems, explore the idea of calling the Buddha a "she," and explain what a roshi is.

    Episode Link
    Gassho, Jundo

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