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Thread: The Treeleaf "Daily Wisdom" App for Android (Available Again)

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    The Treeleaf "Daily Wisdom" App for Android (Available Again)

    NOTE - The little app discussed here is available again, information below. Jundo

    I've been running this app since I joined and use it every day, I love it. I was about to post a thread on the general forum just to let new folk know about it, but on checking, I can't actually find it in the Google play store. Has it been discontinued? I thought it was a great resource.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinshi View Post
    There is a Treeleaf app? The world is full of wonders.

    Gassho, Shinshi

    It's great, you tap the empty screen and receive a line or two of wisdom and the instructions to take a variable number of breaths, perfect for a moment or two of awareness during the day.
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    I will write to Ongen, the designer, and see if we can get it back up. I am tickled that you like it.

    The idea of the app is very simple: Various Zen and Shikantaza connected aphorisms (e.g., "When it rains, it just rains" "Breathing In, Breathing Out, Beyond In and Out") to repeat a few times and breathe with during the day, when life gets hectic. Very simple.

    Gassho, Jundo


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    Quote Originally Posted by bayamo View Post
    is this the forum app taptalk or a treeleaf specific app?
    It's a specific Treeleaf app, and takes the format that Jundo describes above, an aforism accompanied by instructions to breathe a certain amount of times. I also find it useful to link me into the website, from the option under the question mark for further information. Unfortunately however it isn't available at the moment, but hopefully will be shortly, watch this space!
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    Here is the announcement of the release of the new version:

    Kotei sat/lah today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seiko View Post
    I just discovered this thread. Is there any more news of this App please?



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    At least on iOS it seems unavailable again and the web site it used to refer to has no content besides "UP NYC1"

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    Just checked the Android version on my phone, which still works.
    Kotei sat/lah today.

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    Being a novice priest doesn't mean that my writing about the Dharma is more substantial than yours. Actually, it might well be the other way round.

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    Thank you for mentioning this! Downloaded!


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    Love this App! Use it often.

    Gassho Yokai sat/lah

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    Hi all,

    As the app is no longer available for iOS, and the web version has not worked for a while now, I just incorporated this feature into Treeleaf NOW:

    If anyone has any feedback or bug reports, let me know!

    #sat #lah

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    I like the idea but I suspect the example quote you posted has been curtailed. I just get "In this world
    of Suchness

    unless its a Chrome issue ?



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