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Thread: Signing in Problem

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    Signing in Problem

    Hi - recently have problem with signing in - memory is on for registration but have to click on each time to be redirected. When i type a message I get a prompt saying I don't have permission to post - message disappears and have to type again - takes several goes for message to post. Any solutions? Thanks, Jinyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinyo View Post
    Hi there- I'm using Windows 10 and Chrome - I haven't made any changes recently.
    I did notice that the box for 'remember me' wasn't ticked so will see if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for feedback.
    Hey Jinyo,

    Yes, checking that box to remember you is a good idea, I do it all the time just so I don't get timed out. If you are making a longer post or reply, the systems doesn't think you are still active and will automatically log you out - this can be annoying, but checking that box stops that from happening.

    Let us know your results and we will dig future if the problem is still happening. =)


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