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Thread: Happy Vesak from Vietnam!

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    Happy Vesak from Vietnam!

    This year Vesak falls on Ho Chi Minh's birthday, so it's extra festive here in Vietnam. I thought some of you might enjoy these photos I took of the action at Vinh Ngiem temple in Ho Chi Minh City.

    I sat zazen for a few minutes in front of the big Buddha while all the hustle and bustle flowed around me. It was a neat experience. I'm very lucky to get this experience.

    Edit: the bright circle in the last photo is a flashing multicolored animated LED light board that spins and swirls around all psychedelic-like. It is very popular in Vietnam to put them behind the heads of statues of Buddha, bodhisattvas, and various deities to creat the effect of a halo.


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    I like the lights! The pictures are cool, thanks, Kyoshin.


    Sat today, lah
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    Also notice the flames in the big cauldron. There were so many sticks of incense shoved in there that the heat from the whole mess would cause the cauldron periodically burst into a spontaneous bonfire.

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    Always one for a party, and a party needs lights! Vesak is like a Buddhist Rave!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Gassho, J


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    That is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Kyoshin. Love the photos and the celebration. <3

    st, lh

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    Here's one I took from outside. You can see the pattern of the lights a little better. It's far away, but that was the only way I could get it on my phone's camera.

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    Happy vesak to all. It is so cool to hear and see from places all over the world.

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    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing, Kyoshin.

    Here's random shot I received from a local friend
    who visited Trc Lm Pagoda of the Vietnamese Thien
    tradition in Ukraine.
    Happy Wesak to all.

    just sat
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    Cool that the incense would randomly burst in the flames like that. Thanks for sharing the pictures Kyoshin.

    This vesak I didn't have the opportunity to go to the wat. I'm doing a delayed Ryaku Fusatsu at home today to celebrate instead.

    Nanrin (Southern Forest)


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