April 28th at 9:00-11:00 am on Zoom in conjunction with Zen Peacemakers International and the Zen Studies online sangha there will be a "sit for peace." Participation is free and all are welcome. Treeleaf's own Shugen will be leading the first sit and giving a short welcome address. (the post author waits until the applause dies down.) To sign up to participate follow the directions on this link https://zenstudiespodcast.com/peace-sits/.

The goal is to host a quarterly sit that fosters a spirit of international and interfaith compassion and understanding. As Zen practitioners if any of you feel led to invite a friend of another faith or from another country to participate your friends will be most welcome. I hope each one of you who reads this will consider joining this sit.

I look forward very much to sitting with each of you, ------Dan