Just recently joined. Challenged by the multiplicity of "threads," topics, even the basics of how to navigate this platform. Perhaps there are others who are daunted by this but at the same time overjoyed (oops, attachment!) to find such a resource online. So I persist.

Here is what I have learned so far:

While wandering around the site, you can bookmark essential pages you happen upon. Some you will find with the many helpful links, but others you will just have to stumble upon. I have not yet figured out how to search a topic, but I do have about 5 bookmarks to refer to.

I quickly learned what Sat Today means, but it took a bit of effort to find LAH. YET, with persistence, I eventually found it and bookmarked! https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/show...l=1#post199351 (I am looking at a four line long URL, which I hope becomes "link" on this post. Another learning moment.

It is good to resume zazen practice. Treeleaf will be a great support for doing so.

It was great to see the New Year's Zazenkai and see what the Google Hangouts can do, but am still challenged to get it running on my computer. All in good time.

Gassho, mmorr, Sat Today