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Thread: Rohatsu Greetings from Kakunen

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    Rohatsu Greetings from Kakunen

    Our friend, monk Kakunen, who joined us for Zazenkai at Treeleaf a few weeks ago ...

    ... sent an update on his recent Rohatsu activities and some photos. It is a lovely message. I hope to see him back here soon.

    I report 10 days Sesshin at Myotokuji.With International life,
    Please share to Treeleafer.

    I finish 10days Rohatsu Sesshin at Myotokuji, from Dec 1st to 10th.

    I sat 2:30 AM to 9:30 PM

    But I did sit my own pace.

    I think Buddhism is not such like hard way,to live as you are.

    We sat 70-90 min at one period.

    I had experience to sit 5day and 7day.

    When I sat such days at Antaiji,I always countdown till finish.
    But in this time I did not count.Because Life is endless.

    Sesshin is not special time.

    I just sat with my own,and Dharma friends,nature,planet.

    Birds sing,leaf fall down,water flow.

    I think this is what enlightment of Buddha.

    Now I am always living with Buddha.

    I try to keep forest condition,try to make rice and Vegetables without medicine.

    And I try to keep calm my own,and try to help you and all human being.

    My past time was very hard with violence from lots of things.

    But I am here.
    And I want to say again.
    I am here.
    I am here.
    Right now.

    I am always with you,and Jundo and you.

    Adding photos.

    Keep on practicing together with me,Treeleafer.
    Please,keep on practicing with me.

    Past time I separated subjective and objective.
    But we are all one.No subjetive and objective.

    We were all same roots.This is fact of earth,planet.
    We were all same beings,and were at same happyness and pain.

    I am grad to be with you.

    Keep on sitting together.

    Sat today
    Nine bows

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    I am honored to sit with you. Thank you for your practice and for the pretty pictures

    Jundo, thanks for relaying the message to us Treeleafers.



    Sat Today

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    Oh that is lovely indeed, gratitude to Kakunen and joy that he is finding his way.


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    That is good to hear. Thank you.



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    Lovely message and nice photos.
    Thank you Jundo for sharing and
    Kakunen for your practice

    sat morning sit
    Kaido (有道) Every Way
    Washin (和信) Harmony Trust
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    and should be taken with a 'grain of salt'.

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    Happy to hear from Mr. K! Beautiful pictures, beautiful message.

    deep bows,
    sat + lah
    Please take my words with a big grain of salt. I know nothing. Wisdom is only found in our whole-hearted practice together.

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    Lovely, thank you Jundo and Kakunen ... =)


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    Thanks for sharing Jundo, and glad that Kakunen is doing well.

    Gassho, Shinshi

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    Lovely post and photos, thank you for sharing this with us Jundo.
    Satwithyoualltoday lah
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    島 Tou - island

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    Very nice to hear from him!

    Sat today, lah
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    Sesshin is like that isn't it, strip away the non essentials and just practice because there is nothing else that can be done. All kinds of issues come up and go away and one is left with now.

    Kyousui - strong waters 強 水

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    Thanks for sharing,
    good to know that Mr. K is doing fine.
    Kotei sat/lah today.
    古庭 KoTei / Ralf

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    Looks like a great experience.
    Nice pictures.


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    Thank you for good words for me.

    Now I am at Japan.

    After Sesshin,I needed to decide big things.

    Soto sect of Europe wanted me to help them.Maybe they know my Zen life.
    My Zen practice life was always with western.

    But I need to do lots of things at Japan,keeping nature,making rice,making Zendo.
    If you and western person who want to sit in Japan,I want help you.

    I can not decide where to go,what to do.

    So I decide to sit.

    I think this is Buddhism.I will keep on sitting.

    Please do not say to outside,this is only for treeleafer.
    But here is open to world,but anyway this is secret but un-secret.

    Thank you Jundo.

    Sorry for bad English
    Sat today
    Nine bows.
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