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Thread: Oryoki Arrival today !

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    Oryoki Arrival today !

    After looking and looking, I couldn't find the pieces I preferred for my oryoki ordered one a few weeks ago!

    Just reviewed an email notification that my oryoki set will be delivered TODAY!

    Waiting patiently with excitement!!!

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    Nice! Be sure to post some pictures once it arrives.

    Gassho, Shinshi

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    That's great, Kunzang.

    Enjoy your practice with your new bowls!

    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    Wonderful. Enjoy. =)



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    Looking forward to a lovely photo and then to share a meal with you, Huzzah!
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