Similar to the English game “Word Train,” shiritori is a game where you say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word.

"Shiritori" means "taking the end"

So let’s try teaching each other new words

Rules are:
  1. only nouns are permitted
  2. words may not be repeated
  3. word phrases using no (の) are permitted, but only if it is locked in the dictionary such as 男の人 (otokonohito)
  4. include the translation, and if desired, add a short sentence using it.
  5. Dakuten and handakuten may be ignored or added

Finally since no Japanese word begins with the kana ん if you end your word with ん, go in the corner and say the Japanese Heart Sutra ten times

Okay, the first word is - しりとり shiritori

しりとりをしましょう - Let’s play Shiritori