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Thread: Big and Little Poetry--free verse, any verse.

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    I am so happy to be part of Treeleaf with friends and it has made a big difference in my life and I hope for others!

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    My apology for presumptions. I am human seeking Buddha, like/ Christ, like behavior, and I welcome all in Treeleaf who wish to walk beside me.

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    Even in this decaying body
    the brightness of ten thousand things;
    carrion crow, an oak tree in bud,
    crab shells left behind by the tide.

    Dog violets mix with celandines
    on the forest floor,
    clouds pass overhead,
    gathering sun.

    From the hour of our birth,
    no moment is the same,
    yet each contains all things,
    how can any of us ever be alone?

    One foot in front of the other,
    waves break on the shore,
    we follow our ancestors
    as breath follows breath.

    Lighting incense to Amida Buddha,
    I empty my bowl
    and already find it
    full of blossom.
    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    Kokuu, thank you for this. _()_

    gassho, doyu
    sat today/lah

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    For my friend Kokuu
    Morning Glories Will Come

    Time after time
    We reach for sunshine,
    Reaching from our beds
    Of fertile soil where gardens
    Grew roses, now The Glory
    Of toil as chariot rides
    Across our sky.

    We lose nothing
    In colorful gold days
    Swept clean from clouds.
    Why bother our bowed heads
    Of yellow, green, red
    To stem our winter's sleep?

    Locked away our pockets empty,
    No seed? Gardener reaches
    Into tiny packets,
    Paper thin pouches
    Around crowns of earth.

    Our women and men,
    Lingering long in caves,
    Still wakeful on walls,
    Sentient beings
    In books. Finding wisdom,

    We reach lovingly
    For packets of sun. Our seeds
    bring forth deliverance
    Of desire. Our graves are not
    Dug as lives rejoice, given over
    To delight of air,

    Sunshine our mindfulness,
    Into openings where rain showers
    Bring water, bower of delight,
    Now tiny blossoms sprout, bloom

    Another day rich. We reach for sky,
    Living things given to clouds
    bursting water, sprouting seeds,
    Without souls, We reach again,

    Buddhas touch earth.
    Now Sacred roots. This is spring.
    Down, down, stems of cells,
    Biology of wakefulness now alive.
    Above is the Morning Star,

    For others our earthly ocean
    Of air is bright with eternal
    Juno's energy, one after one
    Cells of Earth's aquarium drop

    Of dew point to Earth, reversing
    Our Compasses pointing north,
    For joyful sun rays give blooms.
    Energy renews another spring.

    Living seeds, we sing as our eyes
    Close, resting notes of poetry
    Simple Haikus, form natural,
    Broken five notes sung to seven,

    Dreaming generations
    Such as Solomon
    Never knew, so arrayed
    Our gold is gone; new of gold
    So old my song.

    We are shown life every day,
    While Venus dawns below Polaris,
    New again, We find happiness,
    Bright Sun above our morning,
    We wake to full days,

    Realization of our sun,
    Like this morning star,
    Our Air is never dry, full sun
    Sweeps Starry Night away,

    I wake to dawn, my work again
    Poetry with bowed head,
    Now I chop wood,
    Now I carry water.
    Now I fetch the Sun.

    Tai Shi
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    My apology for presumptions. I am human seeking Buddha, like/ Christ, like behavior, and I welcome all in Treeleaf who wish to walk beside me.

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    Golden morning
    Caught in a spider’s web
    As the damp earth

    A sudden movement!
    Caught in the corner of the eye
    Ears prick, exited yelp
    Paws barely touch
    In the joy of the run


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    t h e re a r e r o o m s

    There are rooms in a life that may sometimes
    Have someone in them; but they are guests there.
    Even when one most loves, one may find,
    Really, a solitude that begins at this wall,
    Ends at that wall; the rest is not entirely ours.

    As years turn and suns, moons and stars
    Rise up and fall like rain by every window
    Even one's hands will shrivel soon enough

    Right at the ends of one's arms, as hands
    Of strangers. But to fret at this discovery
    Of emptiness arrived at and emptiness
    Made clear by moon's dance with water,
    Sun's dance with dust, by endings never sought

    In even that one room that is one's own, is
    Not worthy of even that we call our life.

    All our guests deserve from us restraint.

    Little enough we can offer them as it is;
    In a short while each vacates each room,
    Feeling for the light switch as each goes.
    Evening comes. Do not grieve the door.

    doyu sat today

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    Thank you all :bow:

    One day, I was in
    Two minds, stay or
    Today i did neither, tomorrow
    - ill do it all.
    Neither gain nor loss,
    Here nor There
    Heaven and Hell
    Through each other
    we fell.


    LaH / SatToday.
    Nothing to do? Why not Sit?

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    Eating Genjokoan

    Dropping pain to breath
    Breathe in our master Dogen
    All in Genjokoan yet in cooking
    Public, private, drop away
    More hungry ghost,
    Les is more human,
    Nirvana, here before me food,
    Limited by tip of stomach
    Growl; toast, juice, fruit,
    Can pain drop away?
    Not likely sinner ghoul!
    No time is ancient
    Twenty minutes until 1185
    Came to pass in cooking bowl,
    Five minutes now, now,
    With no pain, pain again,
    Hold on more, pain comes
    I eat, I let go, cannot sit
    In this easy chair, breathe
    Breakfast I may eat, my only
    Desire, oatmeal, after reading
    Dogen this moment,
    Mindfully hurting
    Iced myself down, so I
    May sit with steaming bowl
    My gratitude in bowl of food,
    From reclining chair
    To hardwood table
    Downing every morsel.

    Tai Shi

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    Sitting Together

    You sat today--
    Your whole life in one decade--
    Each day I'm fragile, I'm sixty-eight,
    Light years old--farms surround,
    Our Rocky Mountains gone, yearning
    At sixty-four, you find my weaknesses,
    Zen becomes your lesson, my sight,
    My Horrible Satori July 22nd, 1987 Dry,
    No bottle; yet January 7th, 1980 we
    Talked, our only game, now quiet.
    Yes, you taught me Zen formations,
    Marjorie, you were Frightened child,
    I became my poetry, contracts of teaching
    Damned wine into darkness,
    Then police drug bust, they stormed;
    While I drank daily because I opened
    My clarity. You surprised me with joy,
    Our pools of old water smelled
    Until I declined another drink,
    Better for books, for our four-year-old
    Girl child, days of liquid mindfulness
    We declined this fate, we created,
    This child; I walked like ball of string
    With no shield or sword of growth,
    Evergreens, daughter planted pine,
    Twenty-six years ago, now she's thirty,
    With spontaneity, emptiness filling us
    Still my poetry, my Loneliness--
    Cave where you populated us
    With her--daughter of dreams
    March 27th, 1989 this baby
    Born despite our reprise, first kiss,
    Rose gradually in silence,
    You said at last this important act
    Dispelled my illusions, imparting
    Time we did not touch or press
    After 2009 when bodies did not rise,
    From marriage, we became our stories,
    In Bach's Art of Fugue, your last
    Let It Be, an example, sitting face
    To face, joined four decades
    In silence. Now we breathe,
    This January 7th, 2020.

    Tai Shi
    sat/ lah
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    My apology for presumptions. I am human seeking Buddha, like/ Christ, like behavior, and I welcome all in Treeleaf who wish to walk beside me.

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    To bring another generation
    Such as Solomon
    Never knew, so arrayed
    Our gold is gone
    Is gone until generation
    New, new of gold
    is outstanding, by the way.

    doyu sat today

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