As you can see we have consolidated the Art Circle and the Book Club, and have also added a new Language Study section, to create an Arts and Letters forum.

Please do participate and enjoy!

It is my hope that the Art Circle can be a creative lab where ideas and artifacts in all media can be shared free of judgement among friends. I'll be posting a new Art Circle project this month even as you are invited to continue exploring Sound and Silence, and post your recordings here. If you have a project idea for the community please PM me and we can see about launching it. If you have a personal Art project that you wish to share, please feel free to start and host a thread below.

As a working painter and art teacher the one good piece of advice I always have is....Leap. Take that creative leap. Maybe you will soar, maybe you will go *splat*. Both are good . It is the leaping that's the thing.

Thank you
and Gassho

Sat today/LAH