My thanks to Jundo for starting this sub-forum on Japanese language or:

It was my hope that this area of Treeleaf would be be helpful for the community, not only to learn the language, but perhaps a little of the culture that begat our Japanese Dharma ancestors.

For obvious reasons, this will not be an extensive language course, especially considering the broad and varied experience of people involved in our Sangha (僧伽, そうぎゃ). That being said anything related to the language in general and Buddhism in specific is open for discussion.

All forum rules are still in effect but would request the following suggestions regarding posts:
  • In addition to the common postscripts (gassho, sat, LAH) please post your Japanese language experience if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • As best possible, include other ways of writing a word Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, Romanji. And place a question mark if you are not sure of one.
  • Politely suggest corrections if those with more experience believe an earlier post is incorrect in a translation or meaning of a word or phrase (we all learn from each other.)
  • If you start a new thread, feel free to preface the title with what aspect of the language the thread is about (Vocab, Verb, Grammar, Culture, etc)

I will be trying to create another sticky post about Japanese Language tools and websites. I would appreciate any input on what people would like to see come of this extension of Treeleaf (葉の本 ?, はのほん, ha no hon)

Inconsistent student of Japanese for 7 years, no JLPT taken.