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Thread: Treeleaf Art Circle: Avalokiteshvara part 2

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    Treeleaf Art Circle: Avalokiteshvara part 2

    Here is the follow up video. I shot it in the local ravine today which was beautiful, and buggy.

    Here is a link to the Jakata tales...

    Here is a description of the traditional Bodhisattva path concieved in stages....

    A partial overview of the Bodhisattva pantheon...




    sat today/LAH
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    Thank you for sharing this very insight synopsis of the term bodisattva and this project.
    gassho, Shokai

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    仁道 生開 - Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    May we all grow together in our knowledge of the Dharma

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    Daizan, my friend, what will you have me do, and let us continue with poems, the medium I can transfer most easily, the poetry of suffering, and would you have me make a poem of another, not of self, the beautiful care one might feel for another, and as you so enlighten me of compassion, you know bits of some wordy narrative, should know I too am capable of such compassion that you would be moved? After I read your assignments, I too will create, PM coming?

    Tai Shi
    "Faith is one with the fruit of enlightenment; the fruit of enlightenment is one with faith." Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist

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    Thank you, Daizan. This is an absolutely beautiful project.

    This is something I made before watching the video and I will go on to explore things more deeply now, probably mixing words and images.

    The flowering of compassion:

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    Feel free to message me if you wish to talk about issues around practicing with physical limitations. This is something I have been sitting with for a fair while and am happy to help with suggestions or just offer a listening ear.

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    This truly is a fine project--from which we all can learn and appreciate the effort you have given forth. Because such literature is combined, I may feel incompetent to barley understanding of what you wish to do. Is this a collage or mixed-media, or simply research into this literature? What? I would guess this mixed media goes far beyond my skills. I would venture a chance at poetry, because I am only an armature photographer, yet being highly skilled in free verse poetry, and less so in all poetic rhyme and rhythm which are easily looked up in a book. The nature of free verse is that its organic structure might lend to a blending, Bodhidharma and prior knowledge or the blending of words. I can do no more than look and read. If you like you can tutor me in the use of Gimp in order to form exquisite images.

    Tai Shi
    "Faith is one with the fruit of enlightenment; the fruit of enlightenment is one with faith." Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist

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