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Thread: Welcome to our Treeleaf ENGAGED & CHARITABLE PROJECTS CENTER - A Message from Jundo

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    Welcome to our Treeleaf ENGAGED & CHARITABLE PROJECTS CENTER - A Message from Jundo

    Dear All,

    Engaged action, charity and volunteer work is a vital aspect of our Zen Practice and Bodhisattva Vow to "Save All Sentient Beings, Though Beings Inexhaustable."

    This Treeleaf ENGAGED & CHARITABLE PROJECTS CENTER is the center of action on that front. Our activities here will take many forms.

    First, we are now undertaking a grand experiment for the coming months at Treeleaf called "Lend-A-Hand" (LAH), asking all our Treeleaf members to voluntarily commit to, in some way, perform an extra “good deed” each day (something that they do not otherwise daily do) dedicated in their heart to Treeleaf Sangha. MORE DETAILS HERE at this Link:

    As well, we will ask folks to submit ANONYMOUSLY their stories of “Good Deeds” from time to time, and other tales of inspiration, to our “GOJO BODHISATTVA” anonymous publication system:

    Next, our members may introduce their own favorite, recommended charities and causes in our Introducing "MY FAVORITE CHARITIES" section.

    There, members may introduce their favorite CHARITIES, VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS AND FUND RAISING DRIVES ... local, national and international. However, be sure to read the accompanying CAUTION BEFORE DONATING!

    Next, from time to time in this ENGAGED & CHARITABLE PROJECTS CENTER, we will introduce and encourage support among our members for various special group projects, drives and activities that the Sangha will undertake as a group effort. Stay Tuned!

    As Bodhisattvas, we see through this world ... yet we try to do what we can to make our towns, our societies, our fellow human beings, our world just a little bit better. We seek to fix what we can.

    I hope you will join us in this undertaking which is, too, Shikantaza Zazen in motion.

    Gassho, Jundo


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    Wonderful Jundo, thank you. I vow to do my very best in supporting and engaging in such projects and supporting others in theirs. =)


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    I found that is an easy way to send money for international causes. Much easier than Paypal.

    Sat today LAH

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