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Thread: Sit-a-Long with Jundo: Zazen for Beginners (20)

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    Sit-a-Long with Jundo: Zazen for Beginners (20)

    In Mahayana Buddhism, your Practice should not be just about “you.” That’s why we take a Bodhisattva Vow to “Save all sentient beings.”

    Compassion for other human beings, all sentient creatures and the whole world is at the heart of our Way.

    Compassion is symbolized in our way by the image of "Kannon Bodhisattva". Is she real? Well, when you do a real act of kindness and generosity in this world, and manifest Compassion, then you make her real. Your hands become two of her many hands.

    Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 15 to 35 minutes is recommended.
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