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Thread: Our Next Book Selection: A New Buddhist Path by David Loy

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    Can't wait!



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    Thank you Jundo, I have the book and ready to dive in. =)



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    I'll order a copy and follow along. It's where my head is at right now.



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    Got it. Ready to go. Got it for my eReader though. I will check if page numbers are a thing.

    PS nope
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    I made a brief comment about this book when I was reading it last year. It was about the thought that enlightenment could be immanent or transcendent.

    I said then:

    One of the main thrusts of the book is whether the idea of enlightenment as taught by the Buddha was immanent (of this world, something to be attained through life) or transcendent (beyond this world, the extinction of death and rebirth). This is certainly one of the key questions that arises as we discuss which direction Buddhism may take in the west.

    This is quite a powerful idea, and, while I didn't find the entire book interesting, this section of the book made me rethink a lot of things. I look forward to discussing it.





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