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Thread: How-to - Switch between Mobile/Full View

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    How-to - Switch between Mobile/Full View

    I've switched my view on mobile (iPhone, Safari) to the full desktop version. Is there a way to switch back to the mobile view without deleting my cookies?

    Grasshoppers, Dudley
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    I figured it out! (I think)

    So there are three different views, two if which we can easily switch back and forth between, one is a little more difficult (and this is the heart of your issue Dudley):

    1. The default vBulletin "mobile" view - this is "mobile responsive", and uses font sizes and such so it is easy to read on mobile, but it has essentially none of the custom Treeleaf elements (logo, FAQ, donation button, etc.):

    2. If you then scroll to the bottom and hit "Full Site", you get the desktop site with the "Treeleaf Minimalist" theme. This is basically the desktop site squeezed into a small viewport and has the custom elements (logo, FAQ, donation button, etc.):

    3. If you then scroll to the bottom again, and select "Default Style" from the dropdown on the bottom left, you get a theme that looks a lot like the mobile responsive default (no Treeleaf logo, but does have FAQ, donation button, etc.):

    You can use the dropdown at the bottom left to switch back and forth between "Treeleaf Minimalist" and "Default Style" (#2 and #3 above), but there is no way to just go back to the mobile responsive default. What I figured out today is that this is because when you select "Full Site", vBulletin sets a cookie in your browser that basically says "I want the desktop version of the site". If you just delete this cookie, the site goes back to the mobile responsive version (#1 above).

    The good news: in Safari on iOS this is easy to delete by going to: Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data:

    The bad news: it will clear your browser history and cookies from ALL your websites (so you'll need to log back in, etc. everywhere).

    Pshew, so Dudley, long story short, try going to: Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data, and see if when you return to Treeleaf, it is the mobile responsive view.


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    I know this is from a long time ago. But finding this thread really saved me. The full site view was very difficult to read on the mobile.
    Thanks, Sekishi.

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