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Thread: Welcome to the Treeleaf Art Circle

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    Welcome to the Treeleaf Art Circle

    Dear All,

    I would like to welcome you to our Treeleaf 'Art Circle,' in the fine hands of Anne Cooper (Cooperix) and Meitou. I just wanted to post a brief message of welcome and appreciation to all.

    This Art Circle has become one of the centerpieces of our Sangha, and an active place for sharing, communication and expression. The theme is learning and self-expression (and 'non-self' expression!) in a variety or arts and media, new and old, centered on inspiration from Soto Zen Buddhism ... but truly boundless. Art has always had a central place in both the learning and Practice of Zen Buddhism all through the centuries, from painting to calligraphy to Buddhist music to dance and theatre, so this is really nothing new. Today, in Japan, other places in Asia and the West, many Zen folks have taken to deepening the traditional ways (sometimes very nontraditionally), and others have taken Zen and Buddhist Art into very new directions and media including film and animation, manga, performance art, hip-hop ... I have even see Buddhist themed fireworks here in Japan.

    This Treeleaf Art Center is under the guidance and direction of our "Artists-In-Residence" Anne and Meitou. Anne is a working artist in a variety of media, and here is a look at her gallery and creations.

    Meitou is someone also with long experience in art and expression.

    We are lucky to have then. I would especially like to note Anne's "Rakusu Project" installations, which I have found personally inspirational.

    I hope many of our members will jump in, as it is a place without judgment, pressure or ranking. This is simply Zazen in one more facet.

    Gassho, Jundo

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