I encourage looking at these threads, topics and posts today ...

I don't want to kill you with Precept readings, so we will take a couple of weeks with this one ... PRECEPTS III - To Refrain From Taking Life ...

Our Zazenkai netcase this week had some "technical non-problems", so you may just want to sit with a previous week ... all Zazen now or then ... September 25th-26th Treeleaf Weekly Zazenkai

Also, the next Ango Practice Partner Exercise has been posted ... Exercise 2: Why do you practice zazen? ...

I wish to give this wonderful essay and thread a little bump again, for any of us facing hard painful conditions or situations ... Grit in the Lotus ...

A discussion on our kids and sitting (the introductory little essay is lovely) ... Curious Children ...

Lisa/Raindrop has been posting some 2010 golden oldies ... some perhaps timeless, some perhaps best left fade into the haze time ... I do recommend Dumb Animal also for our several sick folks around the Sangha (may they be content in all their ills) ...

SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO Dumb Animal
SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO Avoiding the Jive and Hype
SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO The Compass of Zazen
SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO What Makes You Think?
SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO Stone Woman Dancing

and Keishin's Zazen is compass-ionate (http://www.treeleaf.org/forums/showt...compass-ionate)


A subject to keep in focus, for folks with Zazen eye issues ... Eyes, focus and sleep ...

We will wait a week with our next "Grass Hut" reading, as a lot this week ... and the next chapter is a jewel deserving some special attention.

I am so glad if this place and the practice are benefiting you. If so, you might consider a DONATION to Treeleaf at this LINK, although there is absolutely no need or requirement to do so. Thank you.


In a Zen Monastery, SILENCE or A FEW WISE WORDS are cherished over MANY WORDS. Thus, I advise folks to restrain the need to speak unless the heart truly calls. If you find yourself posting many times each day, maybe consider what truly needs to be said ... and when it is best just to answer with silence and an inner Gassho.

SILENCE OR A FEW HESITANT WORDS OF FRIENDSHIP AND SUPPORT OFTEN SPEAK MOST PROFOUNDLY. Post when it is truly important to you and needs to be spoken from the warm heart.

(too much silence or shyness can also be excessive ... so take the Middle Way!)

Also, to those who may get lost among the many threads and conversations in our Forum, please think of a monastery made of wood or brick, with 100 monks holding 10,000 conversations in the hallways, kitchen, Abbot's rooms and library (I assume no chatting in the Zendo where people sit Zazen).

Would you need or want to hear or join in all or most conversations? Of course not! You would, at best, pick and choose the conversations relevant and helpful to you.

So here too in our Sangha, NO NEED TO READ EVERY CONVERSATION: Try to note the ones that seem helpful to your Practice or interests, leave the rest. The above threads are a few suggestions.

Oh, and we do ask folks to note that they have SAT ZAZEN THE PREVIOUS DAY BEFORE POSTING IN THE FORUM (please read about that here):


Gassho, Jundo