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Thread: ANNOUNCEMENT: Mention of Treeleaf Donation Option

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Mention of Treeleaf Donation Option

    Dear All,

    We do not solicit or require Donations for what we make available here at Treeleaf, but we do welcome Donations from those who feel so moved. Our Donations Policy states:

    There are no charges at all for the activities and teachings provided at Treeleaf Sangha, which are each offered free to all who may benefit. No donations are solicited or required. However, if someone wishes to make a voluntary donation to our community, they may do so at the following link with our gratitude. ... All donations are completely voluntary, without obligation, according to ability, and as one feels in one’s heart. Newcomers should wait some months until making sure they feel at home in our community before even considering to donate. We leave it to each person to decide.

    All donations will be used for the purposes of the maintenance and improvement of software and equipment needed for this ‘digital’ Sangha, books, notices and publications to introduce our resources to those who may benefit, support of retreats and activities, and other Sangha related expenditures under the supervision of our 5 member “Donation Oversight and Expenditure Committee”
    More information here [and there is a Donate link in the above header]:

    Donations to Treeleaf Sangha

    In keeping with the above, I will be adding a short note to our weekly "Recommended Threads" posts, and also dropping a pointer toward the option from time to time, more or less like the following. We do have various costs to keep this place going and benefiting folks, and we feel that it encourages a gentle awareness of the availability of Donation without being pressing.

    "We are so glad you like this place and that the practice is benefiting you. If so, you might consider a donation here, at the link above, although there is absolutely no need or requirement to do so."
    I hope that is okay to say, and please post if there is any comment on the wording.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Hello Jundo,

    Well noted above.

    Greatful for all the teachings I receive here.


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    I think the wording is nice.

    Treeleaf is priceless. The option to give a monthly donation of any size you choose is awesome; it is automated and painless and easy to set up. I recommend it highly if you have a few dollars to give.


    sat today

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Mention of Treeleaf Donation Option

    I think it is also appropriate to recognize those who do already support Treeleaf on an ongoing basis. We are deeply grateful to you. I know that money is tight and the fact that folks think of the Sangha is appreciated.

    Deep bows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yugen View Post
    I think it is also appropriate to recognize those who do already support Treeleaf. We are deeply grateful to you. I know that money is tight and the fact that folks think of the Sangha is appreciated.

    Deep bows


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    I think it sounds wonderful! I agree that Treeleaf is priceless....a perfect way to put is Lisa.


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    Yes! Thank you all who already support Treeleaf and keep this sangha alive

    Gassho and gratitude to all.

    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Thank you Jundo, for all of the teachings that you provide here at TL. I also agree with Lisa, what I have found here is truly priceless.

    A big thank you to all the Unsui's as well. You are all very active and committed to the Sangha, and I am grateful for all that you do for the Sangha daily.

    Really, my gratitude extends to all of you, in helping me feel at home in my short time here. You all teach me so much daily.

    Lisa, I also want to thank you for pointing out the ability to donate on a monthly basis with ease. This is a wonderful option for a person like me, that easily gets caught in the currents of life at times.. I am a forgetful fellow :-)

    Brooks sat today.
    "The victorious ones have said that emptiness is the relinquishing of all views. For whomever emptiness is a view, that one has achieved nothing." - Nagarjuna

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    Thank you everyone ... we truly have a wonderful Sangha/Family here! =)



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    The wording Is good. Giving to help others is always a wonderful thing and Treeleaf helps so many. I am glad I found this Sangha.

    Now a technical question. How do you increase a monthly donation? That confused me, do you just make an additional separate donation. I could not find an option on the PayPal site, I am sure one of the younger technical minds could help!


    satoday and again tonight

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    Hi Randy,

    well, I am no spring chicken, and very un-technical, but the only way I've found to increase the donation is to cancel the old donation and start over with a new one...

    sat today

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    I think Lisa is right -- just checked and looks like you do have to cancel and just create a new one.

    Kaishin (開心, Open Heart)
    Please take this layman's words with a grain of salt.

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    Lisa and Kaishin,

    that at works for me!

    thank you,



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