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Thread: Donation of Hair

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    Donation of Hair

    I just wanted to write a short post about an option for people who can not afford to donate anything.

    i have been growing my hair out for the last 3.5 years. i usually go through cycles of short hair for about 6-12 month and start growing my hair out again.
    this time i have decided to do something useful. so i went to the barber and cut off all of my hair ( it was about 40cm long, which is 16inchs). and i sent it to an organization that collects hair for wigs to make wigs for children who have cancer. i must admit it took me a lot of time to decide to do it. since i didnt really want to cut off my hair. but people do say it looks better and i look like a normal person again. i hate it! i still cant recognize myself in the mirror sometimes... but if you do not want to cut all of your hair that organization accepts just one little braid too... atleast 10 inchs (25cm) long.

    i dont know if every country has something like that organization or not. but i am sure if you look for something you will find something close enough (or you could talk to me and i will find you the details of the one in my country).

    so if you cant afford to donate money or anything else. hair doesnt cost a thing and will sure make some child happier...

    just a thought.

    Gassho, Dojin (Sat today).
    I gained nothing at all from supreme enlightenment, and for that very reason it is called supreme enlightenment
    - the Buddha

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    Wonderful Dojin,

    Thank you

    Gassho, Kyotai
    Sat today

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    Hi Dojin,

    that's a really awesome thing to do, thank you for your service, I bet your hair will make some kid really happy! That's a very direct way to alleviate suffering.

    Here's a couple charities I know of that accept donated hair in the U.S.:

    And here's a cool program that takes donated hair, fur, dryer lint, and other stuff, and makes mats for cleaning oil spills!

    sat today
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    Wonderful Dojin,

    This is a wonderful and transformative donation. My mom went through cancer treatment back in 1993 and when she lost her hair, she was given this wonderful gift. So thank you! =)



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    If I may, I am going to move this to our Engaged & Charitable section so we always have it.


    I will see if there is something like this in Japan.

    Gassho, J


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    When I decided to change from long hair to short recently, my haircutter suggested donating to locks of love. Very glad to do it!

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    thank you.
    it does feel nice to do some good.
    i must admit i was thinking of cutting it for a while but i was on the fence about it. the moment i heard of that organization i knew i had to do.
    besides it is a great way to practice non attachment. i never knew how attached i was to my long hair before

    Gassho, Dojin.
    I gained nothing at all from supreme enlightenment, and for that very reason it is called supreme enlightenment
    - the Buddha

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    Able to donate 91cm (one yard) of hair over the years till barber found a silver strand which became the impetuous to realize bald.

    It's a wonderful, quiet hobby till nobody wants it.^^

    Myosha sat today
    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    Hello, I have always thought about doing this but always seem to cut my hair before it gets long enough. I think the longest I ever had my hair was maybe 6 inches long. I think that I am going to try harder this time, I think that Locks for Love is an awesome cause. Thank you for bringing this up! I can also learn how to be more patient by doing this practice.


    Sat Today
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