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Thread: Some Newer Folks Ask, "NOW WHAT?" - By Jundo

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    Some Newer Folks Ask, "NOW WHAT?" - By Jundo

    I have had a few recent beginners** at Shikantaza ask me about the same question, and so they all got about the same answer ...

    I have watched all the "sit-a-long for beginners'' videos, and I am sitting each day. But, are there certain steps or threads or readings or videos that you would recommend as a next step on my path? I have been reading various books by other Zen teachers and Buddhist books, and it all seems confusing in the sometimes contradictory things they say. So, now what?

    Well, first, ours is a strange Practice aimed directly at the "What's Next" syndrome of human beings. "What's next" is this ...

    SIT-A-LONG with Jundo: WHAT's NEXT!?!

    But apart from that, we keep moving even as we are still.

    SIT-A-LONG with Jundo: Why Zen Folks FAIL!! (3) - CHASING

    So, please learn bit by bit about the Zen (and around here, Soto Zen) way ... this reading list will keep you busy for awhile (any books by Uchiyama or Okumura Roshi are a good place to start) ...


    We also have our Zazenkai here which you are encouraged to join, and some other recommended Practices that may be helpful to some folks (not everybody) ... look at the sticky threads here ...

    For more information on some basic Buddhist teachings, these series are good ...



    And some more talks on Shikantaza ...

    As to all the different Buddhist and Zen books that seem to come in many flavors, with sometimes seeming contradictions, I have a couple of threads on how to read various Zen and Buddhist books.

    Special reading - eight types of enlightenment

    once born twice born zen (part not 1 & not 2)

    Of course, Jukai and Ango begin in September. You can see what that is all about by looking at last year's threads here (look at the "Jukai" and "Ango" announcement stickies from last year) ...

    So, that should keep you busy with "now what?" for awhile. Remember, more that "now what?", our way is "NOW!! WHAT!?!"

    Gassho, J


    ** we're all always 'beginners'
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